Project dedicated to the THEREMIN music, analog synthesizers as MOOG instruments, and music toys as the lovely TENORI-ON by Yamaha.

It is a music-art project where ErMan translates his artistic influences in music.  


With Timeless Sonic Factory, ErMan explores new territories with his electronic style helped by many artists as Steve Piccolo (USA), Byron Werner (USA), Donavan Suitt (USA), Margoo (Italy, UK), Alex De Martino (Italy, Funkallisto drummer), Luke Cirillo (Italy), Stefano Micarelli (Italy), Giorgio Li Calzi (Italy), Matteo Casilli (Italy), Alessandra Celletti (Itay) and many others will come!

Vanishing point

Released October 22, 2020. Digital issue.

Vanishing Point is the point towards infinity that attracts our eyes, so indistinct and uncertain, where several parallel lines, loaded with thoughts, stories, emotions, seem to converge. But at the same time it is the point where everything vanishes. The Vanishing Point metaphor is an irresistible concept to explore with a theremin instrument.

Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto KOKORO

Released March 16, 2016. Limited edition Vinyl CD  & Digital available.


In Japanese, KOKORO (こころ) means “heart” in its deepest significance. It is the spirit and essence of the individual. KOKORO means "the heart of things" or "feeling". In the same way, we can consider Ryuichi Sakamoto’s music.

Carnival of Seduction

Released November 15th, 2013. Limited edition Vinyl CD  & Digital available.


New narrative paths compose the new album Carnival of Seduction, where the common origin is the sensual seduction of the written word, the fascination of the pleasure in the illustrated art, the irresistible attraction of the actors' theatrical expressions in the silent movies.

Theremin The Way I Feel

Released June 15th, 2009
FunkyJuice Records (IT) 


 “Theremin, the way I feel” represents a musical synthesis dedicated to some great works of Haruki Murakami, Italo Calvino, Paul Gauguin and William S. Burroughs.

The works chosen by ErMan for this recording are able to arouse a “meta-narrative” musical path in the listener.

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Released Jan. 2020 - (©001NYTS)
Produced by THE NY THEREMIN SOCIETY to celebrate the centennial of the theremin's birth, featuring 20 top theremin artists from 18 countries.
Track: BLINDFOLDED EYES by Maurizio Mansueti (TSF)

Timothy Rah Rah

Released May 20, 2016

Rural War Room Records [USA]

Dedicated to Dr. Timothy Leary
Track: The Dervish Ballet [featuring T.S.F.] 

Switched on BOB - A Tribute to Bob Moog

Released February 9th, 2009

Bellacasa Music / Cherry Red Records [UK]

[compilation & curator]


The Day The Earth Stood Still (TSF)

Rural War Room (TSF supersonic remix)

Switched on Bob (The Transistors)

Luca Faggella - Dal Vivo

Released October 1st, 2006
DDF Teatrosonoro [IT] 
[special guest]

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Above the Sky by Alessandra Celletti

Released Oct. 2013 

Transparency records [USA]

Track: Love Attitude (Celletti/Mansueti)

[featuring Maurizio Mansueti - Theremin]

Crazy Girl Blue by Alessandra Celletti

Released Sept. 09, 2011

Transparency records [USA]

Track: Tra una Stella e l'altra (Celletti/Mansueti)

[featuring Maurizio Mansueti - Theremin]

The Flaming Yawn by Rural War Room

Released July 23rd, 2009
Rural War Room Records [USA] 
[featuring T.S.F.] 

Rural War Room EP

Released September 7th , 2006
Rural War Room Records [USA] 
[ep - remixes]

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Samba & Glory - Summer Daze

Samba & Glory - Summer Daze

Various Artists

2017 | Sunswept Music

Release: Dec. 22, 2017

Track: Cities and Eyes by T.S.F.

Breathe Electronica Lounge, Vol. 1

Breathe Electronica Lounge, Vol. 1
Various Artists
Released March 24, 2017
Track: "Noa Noa (Soundtrack Version)" by T.S.F. 

Bedroom's Specialist Vol. 5

Bedroom's Specialist Vol. 5
Various Artists
Released April 6, 2016
Select Case 
Track: "And the Gold of Their Bodies" by T.S.F. 

Lounge Italian Style

Jazzy Vibes From Italy

Various Artists

Released September 27, 2011

Sunswept Music / 2010 Essential Media Group LLC 

Track: "The Moon And The Earth (Radio Edit)" by T.S.F. 

Italo Soul, Funk And Jazz

Released January 26, 2011

Various Artists - Sunswept Music / 2010 Essential Media Group LLC

Track: "Cities And Eyes" by T.S.F.

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Samba & Glory - Tropical Breeze

Samba & Glory - Tropical Breeze

Various Artists

2017 | Sunswept Music

Released Dec 29, 2017

Track: "Dance Dance Dance" by T.S.F.

Roses of Lounge Music

Roses of Lounge Music

Various Artists

Released November 3, 2016

Track: "And the Gold of Their Bodies" by T.S.F.

Watch the Sunrise Vol. 1

Watch the Sunrise, Vol 1

Various Artists

Released April 11, 2016 

Sorted Beats 

Track: Noa Noa (Soundtrack Version) by T.S.F.

Nu Funk

A Collection Of Funky Juice Records

Released January 26, 2011

Various Artists - Sunswept Music / 2010 Essential Media Group LLC 
Track: "The Moon And The Earth (Extended Version)" by T.S.F.

Brasilian Lounge - vol. 1

Various Artists - DreaMusic / 2011

Track: Tokyo Blues by T.S.F.

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