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timeless sonic factory
vanishing point

VANISHING POINT is the fourth album by Maurizio Mansueti as Timeless Sonic Factory, a project dedicated to the contemporary music of Theremin.


With VANISHING POINT Maurizio Mansueti tells in music an introspective journey towards a point that tends to the infinite, where parallel lines of thoughts, stories and emotions converge. And the theremin is the ideal musical instrument to narrate this journey.


What is Vanishing Point?

Vanishing Point is the point in linear perspective at which all imaginary lines of perspective converge.


It has a definition in geometry, it has deep pictorial origins in Brunelleschi's invention of perspective, it is the title of a cult movie, it is a fundamental part of modern photography and it still offers inspiration in the various arts.


The vanishing point seems to tend toward an end, the final point located somewhere in the infinite.

About the album.

The new album by Timeless Sonic Factory expresses once again Maurizio Mansueti's urgency to translate or expose real or illusory images, cinematica, literature, pictorial arts into music.


The research of Vanishing Point in music is metaphorical. Music is multidimensional and facilitates catharsis, the liberation in some way of emotions.


The album offers several emotional suggestions to the listener.

It is an attempt to communicate to the listener the multi-dimensionality of an emotional concept transposed into music.


It is an imaginative journey through the inner world, through Maurizio Mansueti's intimate and subjective "visual", where different emotions run on parallel lines, meet at a point, vanish, and take us into a new dimension.


The vanishing point metaphor is an irresistible concept to explore in music with the Theremin musical instrument.


Don't miss it!

Vanishing Point

is the title track of the album. Vanishing Point is the point towards infinity. It is the point of attraction in depth that attracts our eyes, but at the same time the point where everything vanishes.

Vanishing Point is that unreachable but so desired point that, if we try to reach it, it still seems unreachable and with blurred contours.

Yet there, at that point, at that point towards infinity, so indistinct and uncertain, several parallel lines seem to converge. Lines loaded with thoughts, stories, emotions.


Blindfolded Eyes
is the unreachability of a desired woman. It is the attempt to draw her and capture her through the notes in music that arrive on her skin. Yet she remains evanescent and with blurred contours.


A Beautiful Heartbeat 

A Beautiful Heartbeat digs deep into this simple question: What is the difference between Love and Pain? There really isn't a difference. They both hurt. Two parallel concepts, a single vanishing point.

This Track was originally recorded in 2019 for Theremin Star, theremin video competition directed by Peter Theremin, great-grandson of Leon Theremin.


Written in Another Life (*)

It's a Tai Chi dance. It's the search for equilibrium and harmony. The music has an obsessive rhythm at first suffused then seems to reach the vanishing point and then returns to its regular movement. It is discovery, identification of the point, and subsequent distancing from that point. Like a body with irregular balance, waving in search of its harmony, its point of focus.

The Moon Under The Ocean

This track contains a quotation to "Prélude à l'après-Midi d'un faune" by Claude Debussy. The quote introduces a fantastic journey into the world of the abysses. There is no faun with his flute, but a bewitching siren that guides you into the depths. Depths as full of life as invisible to an eye not accustomed to this new light and dimension.


A new dimension, beyond the Vanishing Point, a dimension not directly perceptible between the 3 canonical dimensions. The mind floats weightlessly out of the gravity of the body and sees many vanishing points.

In each of these points, a thousand parallels converge. They are a thousand stories already traveled and to be traveled. Signs of emotional perception where thoughts, actions, events run fast and speak of ourselves, of our present and perhaps new, possible and future choices.


The Tube

“The subway is like a sound continuum shining in the darkness of the underground tunnel. I see your eyes in the emptiness, going on a journey, in  the depths of your life. In trance. A descent into the pain of one's own nightmares, ghosts, memories of the past.

Alone with yourself while the subway runs fast in the dark. The tracks illuminated by the subway headlights seem to converge in an even darker and deeper point. 

The catharsis of emotions.”

Dark Trees

Trees are the History. Even in the dark, their presence demands respect: of a tree you can perceive its contours even if out of focus, the trunk with its power and its lived history, the branches with life in its movements. Of a tree you can see a jellyfish, or the hair of a bewitching siren, a friendly or dangerous hand or perhaps a hug to feed on its wisdom and its eternal sap. A journey into the territories of the subconscious, which interprets the signals that your eyes want to see even through outlines not in focus.

Rainy Day

The desire of her on a rainy day. The Theremin's voice line insinuates itself into the bass lines until it dances together. It's raining on the glass. Everything is out of focus, even the drops on the glass run along strange lines and then they join and dissolve in such a sensual and melancholic way. 

(*) The title recalls the start period of the covid-19 lockdown. Stranger in my empty and silent metropolis, where it became a necessity to look for myself and redefine a new mental and relational balance.  For this reason, "written in another life".

timeless sonic factory
vanishing point
tracklist & listening guide
by Maurizio Mansueti
timeless sonic factory
vanishing point
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