Maurizio Mansueti  [ErMan]


Maurizio Mansueti [ErMan]:

Electronic musician and experimental artist. He was among the first artists in Italy to reevaluate the theremin instrument since 1999. A very special musical "vintage" instrument that is played by moving the hands around a "sound spectrum" and therefore invisible and "magic".


In the middle of the 90’s he was leading the lounge-jazz band The Transistors, and their music was influenced by the history of Exotica music. Listening the theremin played by Samuel Hoffman enchanted Maurizio. It was exactly what he was searching for: melodies of the future played in the past, classical sound but electronic.


It was only the beginning. Today, the theremin is his first Instrument with his Timeless Sonic Factory (TSF) project.


He composes contemporary music experimenting the Theremin as primary voice, using electronics, modern and virtual instruments to emphasize the theremin’s role. Maurizio Mansueti draws suggestive musical paintings with his theremin to explore exoticism in music with a contemporary approach.


As “Timeless Sonic Factory” he published 4 theremin albums:

  • "Theremin, the way I feel" (2009), dedicated to the invention of Leon Theremin

  • "Carnival of Seduction" (2013), a fascinating and intriguing musical provocation: tragic, deep and emotional.

  • “KOKORO – Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto” (2016) - It's definitely Theremin's first album dedicated to the art of Ryuichi Sakamoto ever recorded before.

  • “Vanishing Point” (2020) tells in music an introspective journey towards a point that tends to the infinite, where parallel lines of thoughts, stories and emotions converge.


In 2020 his music was also included in the THEREMIN100 - CD Edition (©001NYTS) - featuring 20 top theremin artists from 18 countries, produced by THE NY THEREMIN SOCIETY to celebrate the centennial of the theremin's birth.



TIMELESS SONIC FACTORY: a project dedicated to the THEREMIN music, analog synthesizers as MOOG instruments, and new music toys as the lovely TENORI-ON by Yamaha. It is a music-art project where ErMan translates his artistic influences in music.


THE TRANSISTORS: The Transistors is an artistic project since 1996: prime-movers of Space Age Bachelor Pad Music and neo-exotica music and pioneers of the cocktail / lounge international scene since the 90’ies. The Transistors are music and technology applied to the Art world. ErMan is the founder member of The Transistors as composer, arranger and he plays keyboards, electronics and theremins.


UTOPIA RESEARCH: this project introduces the listener to an electronic world where new mobile-technologies follow a new code, transforming ErMan's way of communicate his own art.



He worked in studio and live with: Steve Piccolo (Lounge Lizards), Giorgio Li Calzi, Alessandra Celletti (pianist), Byron Werner (vinyl anthropologist), Donavan Suitt (Rural War Room), Garbo, Luca Faggella, Combustible Edison (author of the music of Four Rooms for Quentin Tarantino), Montefiori Cocktail, Ridillo, Mauro Sabbione, Leo Bassi, Margoo, Gak Sato, Kid Loco.


Founder of:


TIMELESS SONIC FACTORY - music-art project


UTOPIA RESEARCH - electronic-art project


THE TRANSISTORS - the best space age pop band of the planet Earth!


SWITCHED ON BOB - A Tribute to BOB MOOG - a music project with over 20 artists from all over the world dedicated to Bob Moog. Developed with the collaboration of Bellacasa Music (London) and Cherry Red Records (London)


Member of:

RURAL WAR ROOM cyberband conducted by two

experimental artist/musicians: Donavan Suitt & Byron Werner


European MOOG FEST crew - conducted by Pierpaolo Caputo, Ernesto Romano, Enrico Cosimi and Midiware.